Saturday, September 21, 2013

Some Must Do Thrilling Activities in Rajasthan

Visit India to explore the most colorful state – Rajasthan, located in the middle of the deserts, bazaars (markets) and forts. This is a place where fortresses appear huge and indistinct over the cities and where the markets are animated with the activities of the locals gorgeously appareled in the shades of scarlet, gold, brown, red and rose. Explore lakeside holy towns, sip tea at a royal accommodation and devote some moments to know about the local traditions of some rural villages. Not just only these phenomena, but there is more about Rajasthan – A promise of true thrill and adventure with an exciting range of activities.
You can quench your thirst for the thrill by hitting the golf ball accurately; feel the excitement by trekking all the way through rugged terrain to reach the highest point; sense the calmness by  lying under your tent and gaze the twinkling of stars in a calm and serene environment. Rajasthan offers you almost everything that can make the holidays thrilling and memorable.  
Trekking Tours
Trekking and Rajasthan – the combination may sound indifferent to you! But topography of the state allows the trekkers to relish the wonderful opportunities while they are on a Rajasthan tour. For perfect trekking experiences, scout the desert regions and the hill ranges.  
You can indulge into the trekking expeditions from:
-          Abu Road to Guru Shikhar (highest peak of Aravalli)
-          Thandi Beri to Kumbhalgarh fort
-          Ranakpur to Rawali Tatgarh.

This royal sport is very much liked by the Rajputs (they ruled the princely states of Rajasthan). The huge inclination for this exciting sport is the reason that many clubs have been set up to let the golfers try their hands at golfing.  The Rambagh Golf Course in Jaipur is popular among the tourists for boasting variety of facilities.

Safari Tours
This state is a must-visit if you just love safaris. Moreover, the different kinds of safaris are an excellent way to explore explore wildlife in Rajasthan.
For exploring wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, deserts, and remote villages, various kinds of safaris are:
- Camel Safaris
- Jeep Safaris
- Horse Safari
- Elephant Safari

Water Sports
Yes. Water sports in Rajasthan! Though surprising, the lakes of Rajasthan support various activities such as cruising, boating and angling. Boating adventure and streaming cruises are the two activities for which travelers yearn.
Aero Sports
Flying high in the sky – one of the dreams, each one of us wishes to fulfill. Travel to Rajasthan and live your dream here. Ballooning, Para sailing and Para gliding are the  few aero sports in which you can take a delight. Visit Pushkar, Beneshwar or Nagaur fair to participate in an exciting range of aero sports.
Camping Tours
Overnight camping has become a popular activity among the tourists visiting Rajasthan. The desert territories allow the travelers to enjoy the beauty of nature in a tent under a moonlit sky. Witnessing cultural performances of the folk dancers and musicians while sitting near a bonfire under the canopy of stars is an experience which everybody would like to cherish.


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