Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Love Shopping? The Best Answer is Rajasthan

Shopping is one of its own kinds of lovely experience that almost every person loves to do and especially the ladies. Shopping brings a perfect opportunity to carry the memories of the places you visit when you are out for a tour. Rajasthan is simply such part of wonderful destination where shopping is mere an excuse to seize all the traditional stuffs and attractions in your shopping bags. 

Rajasthan, the heritage state of India has many attractions to reflect the real glory of Rajputana lives. From Handicrafts to ethnic wear to room d├ęcor, artifacts and jewelries and many more can be found displayed at different sparkling shops of the cities of Rajasthan. The three major cities of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur have tremendous attractions for shopping. Let us explore some of the best catchy stuffs one can find at these major cities while touring. 

Shopping with Jaipur Tours

The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is the most alluring tourist hub for domestic as well as the international tourists. Jaipur is definitely a treasure trove for the shoppers where one can find five most popular bazaars of the city namely: Johri Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, Tripolia Bazaar, Kishanpol Bazaar and Mirza Ismail Road (MI Road).  The Johri Bazaar is specifically famous for Kundan jewelries, semi-precious stones and precious gems. Bapu Bazaar is best known for the textiles and local and ethnic garments including lehenga, chunari, bandhej, leheria patterns of textiles. The other markets are famous for various kinds of artifacts like Mojri (footwear made of camel leather), brassware, ironware, textiles, carpets, wooden furniture and many more things. 

The exotic blue pottery, the batik painting, block printed textiles of Sanganer and Bagru, tie & dye fabrics, Mojari- (the local shoe), sandal wood carving items, beautiful stone carvings, Meenakari works etc. are other major attractions one can find with Jaipur tourism. 
Jaipur Bangle Market in Barhi Chaupad

Shopping in Udaipur  

Udaipur brings number of attractive handicrafts. The good areas of shopping are Suraj Pol, Bapu Bazaar, Chetak and Ashwini Markets along with Maldas Street and Sindhi Bazaar. These markets are famous for buying major attractive stuffs like colorful clothes, ethnic arts & crafts, tie-dye fabrics, folk toys, silver jewelry and wall hangings. The most popular local crafts that you could take home during Udaipur tours are miniature paintings and pretty images of gods and goddesses made in Mollela village near Nathdwara.

Shopping in Jodhpur 

If you are on Jodhpur trip shopping is a very exciting and rewarding experience for the tourists. The home place for many talented craftsmen all engaged for impressive textile dyers, metal engravers and die makers. Of course Jodhpur is most famous for Jodhpuri suit that brings a royal identity to the dressing and people just can’t forget it to take it along with them. Jodhpur tourism will take you to the most famous hub for wholesale export operations in India and attracts significant number of European and North American dealers. Besides, Antiques, Bandhani, footwear and Mathaniya's Red Chillies are the major attractions of Jodhpur shopping.


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