Monday, October 22, 2012

Pushkar Annual Fair 2012- what’s so special about it?

Date: 18-27 November 2012
Venue: Pushkar, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is best known as the colorful land of culture, heritage and most importantly of the fairs & festivals. Fairs and festivals of Rajasthan is the sole attraction for most of the domestic as well as international tourists while experiencing India tour.  India’s greatest tribal gathering which we termed as the Pushkar Camel festival is also synonymous with the Karthik Mela (and also with Annual Camel Fair, Pushkar Fair, Pushkar camel Fair, Pushkar cattle fair)
Ladies enjoying at Pushkar Fair

In Rajasthan, the Pushkar fair is actually a combination of two fairs at the same time and same place, one is the greatest exaltation of Lord Brahma and the other is the largest gathering for trading of cattle especially the camels. So Pushkar Fair Rajasthan can be termed as the cultural, traditional, commercial and religious gathering of large amount of people from all over the world and so it is very popular and worldly known.  

It is the only land in India where large amount of trading of cattle can be made annually. Camels and other cattle are sold and purchased here in greatest amount. The trading are further complemented with many cultural programs, music, dance, talent shows and camel racing. Camel racing is the most fascinating and featured part of this fair when camels are decorated in finery and are raced to reach the finishing line before the music stops (something like musical chairs).

The list of the events being covered in the Pushkar Fair is:
Camels at Pushkar Fair
  • Camel Race
  • Gorband - Camel Decoration
  • Camel and Horse Dance
  • Kabbadi Match (Local v/s Visitors)
  • Cultural Programs
  • Matka Phod (clay-pot breaking competition)
  • Bridal Competition
  • Turban Tying and Tilak Competition

This year, the mela (fair) will be organized for complete 10 days so that the visitors, whether domestic or international, can get maximum amount of entertainment and enjoyment during their Rajasthan tours.

Fun Activities at Pushkar

Cultural Dance of Rajasthan in Pushkar Fair

Get inked into the color and charm of Pushkar where you will also be offered body tattoos followed by body piercing. Otherwise you can simply enjoy the camel rides or can have the finest traditional delicacies and beverages at this fair.

Pushkar- the pilgrimage attraction

Pushkar is also decorous with one exceptional quality to attract the tourists and that is the presence of one and only Brahma Temple in the whole world. This temple is being considered as the most sacred destination along the famous Pushkar Lake. It is believed that a holy bath in this lake during Karthik Purnima (full moon day) will bring many fortunes to the devotees followed by the worshipping in the temple.  The two days around the full moon day are considered as the most auspicious one.

Thus, a trip to Pushkar, the land of many attractive offerings will introduce you to the most jeweled part of traditional, cultural and religious gatherings. The Annual Pushkar Fair is considered as the most sacred and most attractive fairs and festivals of Rajasthan that can be enjoyed completely in the coming month.

The Jaipur Airport is the nearest airport to reach Pushkar from where you can easily take a road transport to reach to this most favored land of Rajasthan. 


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