Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rajasthan Wildlife Holidays

Rajasthan is a desert state located in the north west of India. This state has a number of wildlife century parks and zoos, which are maintained by the state as well as central government. The wildlife preservation and protection laws in the state are very strict in order to safeguard the precious natural heritage.

Wildlife in the state consists of native birds, animals and other organisms that are adapted to the dry environment conditions. Other than the native varieties, the migratory birds from Siberia also find a dwelling place here, during certain specific seasons.

How to enjoy your tour to Rajasthan to the fullest?

For having a fun at wildlife tour to Rajasthan, there are three best ways:

Visit the national parks at Rajasthan

National parks are the areas which specifically aim at the development of wildlife in its natural habitat. They not only safeguard the animals against poaching and hunting but also provide them a good dwelling place. Animal safaris are regularly organized in the state to introduce the tourists with their hosts in the wild.

The Ranthambore national park tiger reserve offers wildlife safaris on elephants and jeeps to get a close view of the king of the jungle. In the vicinity of the area, tigers can be easily spotted roaming or resting in the open forest habitat. Thus, Rajasthan wildlife holidays are worth paying for.

Visit a Zoo

Zoos in the state have almost all varieties of animals and due care is taken to ensure the safety and security of these. Tourists visiting a Zoo in Rajasthan will definitely get a chance to see them in their best form. Wide variety of animals is available in the enclosures. Some of the most watched animals are Australian Kangaroo, African lion and Asian tiger.

Photography and feeding of animals are subject to certain restrictions which vary from zoo to zoo. Still, visiting a zoo will definitely be a lifetime experience at Rajasthan wildlife holidays.

Explore the wildlife in the open

To watch the animals at their best, nothing could be better than exploring them in the open. Though it is always beneficial to hire a wildlife guide for the purpose however, discovering them on your own will definitely be a learning experience.

The most suitable season to visit Rajasthan is from October to March. If you are planning for Rajasthan wildlife holidays, visit the online sites that provide Rajasthan tour and travel packages at best possible rates. You’ll get ample of choices on the Web with various offers and discounts.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Visit Rajasthan Jaipur - The heart of India Tourism

Jaipur is a well known Rajasthan tour destination as well as the capital city of the state. It is also known as the Pink city as most of the buildings are colored in pink. This royal city which is highly considered for Rajasthan holidays was formed in the year 1727. The city was planned by the best experts of the time. The city stands among one of the finest planned cities of India, suitable for holidaying in Rajathan.
Jaipur with its remarkable royal heritage is considered to be among the most suitable destinations for holidaying in Rajasthan. The vast traditional heritage consists of a number of ancient monuments, palaces, parks and temples that form an integral part of Rajasthantour packages provided to the tourists.
Following are the most attractive tourist spots for Rajasthan tour, which are worth visiting in the royal city:

The Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh fort stands on the Arawali mountain range in Rajasthan. It was built in 1734 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II to provide a strong defense ring to the city. The fort consists of a marvelous architecture in the form of ancient paintings and glass work that provides the most attractive look to the fort. The magnificent “bawaris” called the water storage areas look really amazing. They were created for the purpose of rainwater harvesting in the fort. The construction and design of these bawaris show the real architectural advancement of that century.

The Amer fort

It is another magnificent fort that stands on Arawali Mountains and belongs to the Rajputana kingdom. The fort is well known for its ancient marble architecture, artistic look and creative design. Its royal elegance attracts a great number of tourists every year. Moreover, the musical evenings organized in the fort further add to the extravaganza.

The Albert hall

Albert hall is the finest ancient museums designed by Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob in the year in 1887. The museum has a wide collection of ancient artifacts like paintings, idols, stone articles, metal sculptures, glittering crystal artwork etc. Besides these marvelous artifacts the museum has another eye catching attraction “The mummy“.  The 2300 year-old Egyptian mummy of the great Pharaoh King of Egypt has been added to the museum recently. It is well preserved and brings alive the memories of the ancient kingdoms of Egypt. Thus, the visit to Albert hall will definitely be a most wonderful experience.

Holidaying in Rajasthan is not limited only to the few locations that have been explained above, but many more undisclosed locations that provide the most adventurous trip. To explore the city for a real life view, just subscribe to a most suitable Rajasthan tourpackage and rediscover the Royal city.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Incredible Rajasthan-Must Watch

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